School Photos

Students must wear their full uniform (no polo shirts) for their school photos. Junior and senior uniforms should be clean and unwrinkled and are listed below:

Junior uniform: 
  • Clean, pressed short or long sleeve button-down blouse
  • Trafalgar kilt or pants
  • Trafalgar pullover sweater
Senior uniform:
  • Clean, pressed short or long sleeve button-down blouse
  • Tie
  • Trafalgar kilt or pants
  • Clean and pressed Trafalgar blazer (adornments like pins on lapels removed)
If students are missing any part of their formal uniform, they should stop by the uniform shop on Thursday to purchase their needed clothing.

When taking school photos, students are encouraged not to wear glittery or shiny makeup, as it can result in an additional shine on the face in the printed photos. In addition, students wearing glasses may take their photos with their glasses; however, glass lenses can also produce an unwanted shine in the printed photos.

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