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Trafalgar is proud to announce that it will be entering into a joint venture with McGill’s Faculty of Education to launch what these partners are calling The CoLab. Going beyond the model of a traditional “lab school,” the CoLab will be a dynamic and responsive hub, where educators and researchers can interact on a daily basis in order to enhance every facet of the learning experience for both secondary and university students.
The CoLab will be committed to: bridging educational theory and practice; embracing the diverse strengths and contexts of students and educators; sharing ideas that will shape current and future directions; and educating and engaging members of the local and global communities. While remaining independent entities, this new phase in the longstanding relationship between Trafalgar and the university will offer innumerable opportunities for collaborations that could transform many facets of education.
Both organizations also co-signed an agreement that reflects their intent to situate Trafalgar at historic Purvis Hall and its associated property at the corner of Peel Street and Pine Avenue in the Square Mile, just steps from the Faculty of Education on the McGill campus. The new facility will take into account the beautiful heritage elements of Purvis Hall and its coach house, while incorporating the vision of the CoLab in new, integrated buildings and spaces.

The goal is to be in the school’s new learning environment for the 2022-23 academic year, while continuing to build on several collaborative projects that are already underway in the meantime. This is a pivotal moment in Trafalgar's 133-year history: the school looks forward to holding onto the qualities that have made Traf so beloved, while embracing the future.
-To learn more about how Trafalgar is taking the lead in the future of education in Montreal, visit one of our Open House sessions between October 1st–7th. 
-McGill's announcement about the partnership is online here

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