A fully engaged audience of students, faculty, staff, and TOGA leaders had the pleasure of watching the school’s 40th Trafalgar-Ross speaker in person on October 22nd, while other alumnae and community members joined the event online.

This year’s speaker, Kassandra Churcher, graduated from Trafalgar in 1995, following what she describes as “the best years of my life, because Traf provided a safe space for growing and learning.” Since graduating, she has been deeply involved in helping other women to “move through the world without fear.”
Through her work as a leader at organizations such as Post-Secondary Education services for the Inuit in Nunavut and the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies, she has dedicated herself to partnering with and advocating for Indigenous communities and disadvantaged women.

She would be the first to acknowledge that she isn’t doing it alone: she made it very clear that she and others are standing on the shoulders of those feminists and other change-makers who went before them. Throughout her talk, she touched on the myriad ways in which individual experiences--including her own--intersect with these historical movements.
Attentive to the needs of her audience, Kassandra peppered her talk with personal anecdotes and provided practical tools for reflective thinking that will allow for critical dialogue. She advised listeners to “call in with respect, compassion, and humility, and with the grace to fail.”
Her responses to the many thoughtful questions from students that followed provided invaluable guidance to young women who truly want to make a difference. Many thanks to her, and to everyone that played a role in making this year’s Lecture such a resounding success.

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