LIFT Program

The Learning Innovation Forum at Trafalgar — or LIFT — is a unique branch of the school meant to further students’ passions, support them through personal challenges, and promote wellness in all aspects of their lives. It is also a space for our staff to exchange ideas, develop professionally, and collaborate creatively for an ever-improving learning experience.
The LIFT team provides support to students in the areas of academics, language integration, career guidance, and psycho-social development. A personalized growth plan is developed for every student with a twofold aim: to understand each girl’s unique strengths and challenges, and to empower them to reach their goals.
LIFT addresses the important questions: how can we challenge each girl? What are their unique interests? What kind of enrichment opportunities can we match them with?
Whether it’s bringing in seasoned professionals as mentors, facilitating peer tutoring groups, or setting up projects catered to individual interests, each Traf student is given the chance to self-actualize as an individual, learning to thrive both at school and in life.

(UP)LIFT, the university preparation branch of the forum, provides career guidance, internship opportunities, and portfolio-building resources. The program connects girls to a wide network of alumnae via career day, encourages them to compile, expand, and reflect on their best work, and acts as a springboard to shadowing and internships.

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