Pre-U (Grade 12)

Trafalgar will begin offering its Pre-University (Grade 12) program in the 2020-21 school year. The  goal of the program is to develop global-minded citizens who are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to the development of a strong, sustainable world, in which they will thrive and make a difference. 


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Liberal Arts Focus
English Equity & Social Justice/AP Capstone Seminar

 Business Focus
English Equity & Social Justice/AP Capstone Seminar Calculus

Science Focus
English Equity & Social Justice/AP Capstone Seminar Calculus 2 of: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Canadian & World Issues, AP Capstone Research, Challenge and Change in Society, Economics ,AP French Language & Composition (exam prep only),Government and Politics, AP Psychology (on-line), Statistics, Visual Arts
* Note: All students will take 6 courses
The program is anchored to the College Board's AP Capstone program, which aims to equip students with “independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills."  The AP Seminar and AP Research courses that are the foundation of the Capstone program were developed in response to feedback from colleges and universities, which are looking for students who can:

  • Analyze topics through multiple lenses to construct meaning or gain understanding
  • Plan and conduct a study or investigation
  • Propose solutions to real-world problems
  • Plan and produce communication in various forms
  • Collaborate to solve a problem
  • Integrate, synthesize, and make cross-curricular connections

Capstone is a fitting anchor for Trafalgar’s Pre-U program because it is consistent with the school's Core 4 guiding principles (Be Open, Be Curious, Be Collaborative, Be Curious.) We understand that academic ability is not static and that authentic learning and real growth require opportunities to practice creative thinking, analytical skills and practical skills with ongoing support. We are making a move away from standardized testing in favour of authentic-performance tasks that build 21st century skills in our students.

The AP Seminar and AP Research courses at the heart of Capstone will continue the work we have already begun in terms of developing in our students the ability to follow an inquiry process, think critically and participate meaningfully in academic dialogue. Complementary AP and Ontario-based courses are provided in a variety of disciplines (English, Social Science, World Languages and Culture, Arts, Math and Science).


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  • Why should I choose Traf’s Grade 12?

    CEGEP is not for everyone—our Pre-U (Grade 12) program is a true alternative for young women in Montreal

    Trafalgar is an all-girls school, at every level. We have more than a century of preparing young women for post-secondary studies, and for life

    As is always the case at Traf, each student will receive personal, individualized attention
  • What makes this program unique?

    Our program is inquiry-based, and highly interactive. This is NOT an online program—we believe that in-class, roundtable discussions are key to success

    All students who graduate from our Pre-U program will experience the AP Capstone Seminar course

    Depending on their course choices and results, some students will graduate with AP courses, and even the AP Capstone Diploma or Certificate in hand
  • Where will I be able to study after graduating? 

    Students with a Grade 12 diploma will be able to apply to first-year university programs outside of Quebec; students applying to universities in Quebec can expect to have to do an additional year of university studies. Note: post-secondary program requirements vary, applications will be assessed by the relevant admissions department.
  • Who is teaching the Grade 12 courses? 

    Highly experienced Trafalgar faculty members with expertise in their field will be teaching the Pre-University courses. Many of them have had specialized training in Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Will I receive advice when choosing a university, or other options?

    Trafalgar’s academic advisor and the full team will work closely with each student to guide and support her in deciding what will follow after graduation.
  • Will there be student life activities? 

    Our Pre-U students can actively participate in many of the clubs and co-curricular activities at the school, including sports teams.  
  • Where will Pre-U classes take place? 

    In area of our school will be dedicated to this program, with students having access to other areas (gym, cafeteria, etc.) 
  • What will the timetable be like? 

    Timetables will vary by student, but all courses will take place during the day. Pre-U students will be permitted to leave the building when they do not have a class (i.e. for during lunch, or "spare" periods) 
  • What are the admissions requirements?

    In addition to proof that they have successfully graduated from Grade 11, students will need to demonstrate that they have strong communications skills in English, as this will be essential to success in the program. An interview and written assignment will be key components of the admissions process.

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