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  • The Academic Journey at Traf

    Friday, February 5 at 6:00 PM

    Gain insight into the curricular journey of a Trafalgar student, from Sec. I - Sec. V (Grades 7-11). Learn about the scope and sequence of our core courses and options courses, including AP (Advanced Placement) opportunities.

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  • Admissions & the Application Process

    Saturday, February 6 at 2:45 PM

    Learn everything you need to know about applying to Traf, and what to expect throughout the process. You can also find out about bursaries and scholarship opportunities.

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  • The Arts at Trafalgar

    Monday, February 8 at 6:00 PM

    Trafalgar has a vibrant arts program, which includes visual arts, music, and drama. Hear first-hand from the dedicated professionals who bring these programs to life.

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  • Le français à Trafalgar

    Thursday, February 4 at 6:45 PM

    French is more than a language; find out how Traf students master French through an exploration of the rich history, culture, and neighbourhoods of Montreal. Learn about the two levels of French, with a 'langue maternelle' component. 
    -Avec les membres du département de français

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  • Inquiry & Project-Based Learning

    Sunday, February 7 at 2:00 PM

    Research shows that when educators incorporate student choice and student voice in their course content, students engage more meaningfully in their own learning. This presentation will look at some of Traf's student-driven inquiry projects, as well as our commitment to incorporating this type of learning across the curriculum. 
    -With Science Department Head Christianne Loupelle and Math teacher Adriana Ruffini

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  • Jumpin' Juniors: Grades 7 & 8 at Traf

    Saturday, February 6 at 2:00 PM

    Girls at this age experience the full gamut of developmental leaps, and find themselves in this in-between stage. At Traf, we work with young adolescents to develop a toolkit that will help them to become autonomous in their learning, and equip them to manage their time and stress. Workshops on communications techniques and emotional intelligence also help in creating a solid platform which these students can jump into young adulthood.
    -with Amy Allison, Cycle 1 Coordinator and English/Social Studies teacher

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  • Parent-to-Parent Chat

    Monday, February 8 at 6:45 PM

    Hear from current Trafalgar parents about what made them choose Traf for their daughter and what the experience has been like. Ask any questions you may have about Traf from a parent's perspective.
    -With current Traf parents

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  • Student Life & Leadership

    Thursday, February 4 at 6:00 PM

    Hear from current students about student life at Traf, including opportunities for leadership, club involvement, and more! 
    -With Trafalgar Prefects, and Leadership Coordinator/English Department Head Annie Brown 

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  • Trafalgar & the Future of Education

    Sunday, February 7 at 2:45 PM

    Head of School Katherine Nikidis looks forward to sharing her excitement about Trafalgar's lead role in shaping the future of education in Montreal.

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I graduated from Traf in 1992 and now find myself back at the school as a parent. I have been so impressed by my daughter’s first two years at the school, and especially appreciate how the school is so progressive, always encouraging its teachers, staff and students to innovate and try new things.

Trafalgar School for Girls

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Our diverse school community challenges and inspires girls to embrace learning, be confident, and shape a better world.