Why Traf?

We’re small.

And that’s a big advantage.

With an exceptional ratio of 7 students for every teacher, Trafalgar’s small classes mean every student gets a personalized academic experience. Our school has the time, staff, size, and willingness to tailor teaching and extracurricular activities specifically to every girl. That’s why being small makes us so powerful.

We’re warm and genuine.

And it shows.

Small classes mean strong relationships that are warm, genuine and authentic—between teachers and students as well as with one another. Our Traf staff is passionate about what they do and pays special attention to all our students. In fact, we meet once a week to discuss every single student in the school. We’re also fun, love to laugh and make a point to be a little silly. After all, it takes real teachers to teach real girls.

We’re right downtown.

And as diverse and inclusive as our city.

There’s a lot of confidence and independence to be gained when you go to school downtown. The students of Trafalgar are exposed to the real world, experiencing the diverse, cultural core of our vibrant city and bringing what they learn back to school. Traf students gain an urban awareness, learn to navigate the city and get a real sense of how to make their way in the world.

We believe in flexible education.

And academic success.

We believe in flexible education. And academic success.
We’re proud of maintaining the highest, research-based academic standards—standards that consistently send Traf girls to compete at top levels with their peers from other schools. What makes us different is our dedication to providing every student with a flexible and highly personalized experience. Our girls have the freedom to get involved in their education and get their hands dirty.

We encourage students to try and fail.

And get back up again.

We encourage our girls to try and fail. And get back up again.
Traf is a safe place for girls to try out new things. We offer a vast number of extracurricular activities in a wide range of areas, and almost every student participates in more than one. This is where girls can try their hand at something new, discover what they like and learn how to fail—and succeed. Building resilience is an important lesson we teach both inside and outside the classroom.

Trafalgar School for Girls

3495 Simpson Street
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 2J7
Our diverse school community challenges and inspires girls to embrace learning, be confident, and shape a better world.