More than 2000 alumnae make up the worldwide community of proud Trafalgar graduates. While diverse, they share a love for their school, a commitment to its future, and a strong connection to other Traf women.

The Trafalgar Old Girls’ Association (TOGA) helps to keep the school-alumnae connection strong and vital. It's mission is to:

  • Foster a spirit of loyalty and community among the graduates and former students of Trafalgar School for Girls

  • Bring about a united and concentrated action in promoting the welfare of the School

A Message from TOGA's Co-Presidents

Our years at Trafalgar have provided us with many shared memories; writing the Donald House play together during our graduating year in 1996 stands out for both of us!

Today, we find ourselves working together again to help the TOGA community stay connected and active, throughout COVID-19 and as engaged participants in the CoLab partnership with McGill's Faculty of Education, and the move to campus that lies ahead.

We both consider it a privilege to be TOGA Co-Presidents through these changing times. Our goal is for all of us to re-connect, both at home and abroad. Trafalgar alumnae live in many different countries and work in various fields. What all of us have in common is the strong education that we received during our years at Trafalgar School for Girls. Friends, classmates, teachers and events all contribute to the individual stories that each of us tells today.

TOGA remains committed to documenting both the history of the school and its previous students as well.  This is where you come in. Stay in touch and don’t miss out on all the planned activities that will be taking place.

We want to hear from you; please update your contact information and tag your friends. As TOGA’s membership continues to grow so will our presence and our ability to be effective.  If you would like to volunteer, or have any ideas to share, please send us an email at

-Caroline Blakely & Meghann Cundall, Class of 1996

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    On June 1st, Traf senior students, faculty, staff, and several parents had the privilege of attending an online discussion with Rabbi Lisa Grushcow and Amal Elsana Alh’jooj, who shared their perspectives on how to foster open and positive dialogue about contentious topics, mostly notably the situation in the Middle East.
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    On June 2nd, Ms. Nikidis welcomed TOGA Co-Presidents, Caroline Blakely ‘96 and Meghann Cundall ’96 who led the ceremony to induct the Class of 2021 into the Trafalgar Old Girls’ Association (TOGA).
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    Trafalgar’s Old Girls’ Association (TOGA) recently announced that Class of ’96 grads Caroline Blakely and Meghann Cundall are the new acting Co-Presidents of the organization.
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Lee MacNeil, diplômée en 2012


Aislinn Mosher, diplômée en 1983


Lee MacNeil, diplômée en 2012

Board of Governors Reps

Aislinn Mosher, diplômée en 1983, et Christina Nacos, diplômée en 1985 

Olivia Bruzzese, diplômée en 2013; Tara Cope-Wright, diplômée en 1987; Andrea Engels, diplômée en 1997; Nicole Frankel, diplômée en 2018; Sophia Heath, diplômée en 2015 et Sabrina Sandy, diplômée en 2018

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