Paving the Way to Pre-U at Trafalgar

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This Fall, Trafalgar School for Girls will pave the way to its new Pre-U/Grade 12 program by offering an AP Capstone Seminar course to Grade 11 (Sec. V) students.
The AP Seminar is one of two yearlong courses, which taken consecutively form the core of the AP Capstone™ Diploma program. Trafalgar is the first school in Quebec to offer this program, valued by universities across North America and around the world!

Developed in response to feedback from higher education experts, both the AP Seminar course (offered in Grade 11) and the AP Research course that builds on it (offered in Grade 12) foster the critical thinking, research, collaboration, time-management, and presentation skills that are so crucial to university success.

The theme for Trafalgar’s AP Seminar course in 2019-20 is Crime and Punishment: participating Grade 11 students will explore topics related to crime and deviance, law, forensic science, forms of justice and social control, and prison systems, taking a deep dive into the challenges of balancing individual rights and public security.

In addition to strengthening students’ power to analyse and assess, the course will also shape their ability to craft and communicate strong arguments. They will read a broad range of foundational literary and philosophical texts, as well as articles and research studies; absorb speeches, broadcasts, and personal accounts; and experience artistic works and performances. Learning to synthesize information from multiple sources, they will develop their own perspectives in written essays, and to design and deliver effective presentations.

Graduates of Trafalgar’s Grade 11 AP Capstone Seminar may choose to continue on to do the AP Research course in Grade 12, with the goal of meeting the criteria necessary to obtaining the AP Capstone diploma. The school will also welcome new students into its Grade 12/Pre-University program, which launches in the 2020-21 academic year.

An information session about Trafalgar’s new Grade 12/Pre-U program will take place at the school on November 14th, from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. RSVP in advance.

If you would like to receive updates about Grade 12 and the AP Capstone Diploma program at Trafalgar, let us know.

To inquire about transferring to Trafalgar’s Grade 11 program in Fall 2019, email the Admissions Office.

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