The families of our Sec. III girls enjoyed a truly nutritious and delicious dinner in the Trafalgar cafeteria on November 27th. With guidance from Ms. Loupelle and Ms. Quilty, the students themselves planned, budgeted, cooked, and served the multi-course meal. 

As part of the curriculum in their Science class, the group studied the new Canada Food Guide, then challenged themselves to prepare a healthy and inexpensive meal based on it.

Taking into account both the Guide and the food restrictions (allergies, etc). flagged by their guests in advance, they began by searching for recipes. With selections made, the group headed off to the grocery store with their shopping lists in hand.

On the afternoon on the big day, our young chefs prepared the dishes, discovering first-hand the importance of timing when feeding 60+ people. In addition to enjoying the meal with their families, the girls gave informative presentations, explaining their menu choices and addressing topics such as “food miles” and greenhouse-gas emissions.

Their well-fed teachers, parents, and siblings listened attentively, and beamed with pride!

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