Thanks to the hard work and flexibility of everyone involved, House Plays 2020 moved smoothly from the originally scheduled date of last Friday (a snow day) to Monday morning this week.

The alumnae judges from the Class of 2015--Lauren Suliteanu (Cumming House Head), Julia Macintosh, (Donald House Head), Sierra Giustini (Fairley House Head), Connor Doke (Barclay House Head),  and Sophia Harman Heath (Ross Sub-Head, replacing Head Emily Arbovitz) joined the

audience in laughing, cheering, and applauding as each of the highly imaginative plays unfolded. This year, the audience also had the chance to actively participate in each production, by voting with a show of hands on how they would like the play to end. The morning also featured highly entertaining “commercial breaks” courtesy of the Traf staff—a huge hit!
Lauren Suliteanu returned to Traf on Wednesday to relay comments and results on behalf of the judges: congratulations to Donald House on taking the top prize this year for their Traf-esque take on a classic tale, with “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Roll Up Your Kilt.”

Kudos to ALL of the Houses for their hard work and energy, and particularly to the House Moms for their support, and the House Heads for their leadership--we look forward to welcoming them back as House play judges in 2025!

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