Trafalgar School Community is proud to announce that earlier this week we launched the Jacqueline Angus Healthy Minds and Well-Being (JAHM) Programme. This program is made possible by an exceptionally generous donation from the Honourable W. David Angus, a former Chair of our Board, in loving memory of his daughter, Jacqueline Angus, Class of 1983, a dearly remembered Traf alumna who championed the values and spirit we all cherish.
The program is founded upon a collaborative partnership between the school, our students, their families, and our external partners, including medical care practitioners, therapists, and community organizations. The Honourable W. David Angus and our mental health experts, Professor Melanie Dirks, Stefanie Grant, and Rachael Diamant, provided invaluable insights into the scope and importance of the program. Their shared knowledge painted a comprehensive picture of the program's impact on our students, their families, as well as our faculty and staff. Aislinn Mosher and her classmates from the Class of 1983 presented a special gift to Senator Angus with a heartfelt message to Jacqueline and her entire family.

At Trafalgar School, we believe that education is not only academic achievement, but about developing the whole person. That's why we have developed this integrated approach to support our students' mental, emotional, and social well-being. This program is designed to follow our students' journey, addressing their changing needs throughout their adolescent and teenage years, and it is built upon the inextricable partnership between academic and social-emotional support that leads to overall success and individual flourishing for teenage girls.

By creating a universal approach to healthy minds for all students and faculty, which will then provide the foundation for a response-intervention approach for those students who require more, the program will provide students with the tools they need to develop emotional resilience and coping strategies. I want to stress that this program is not only for students who are struggling with mental health issues, it is for everyone! By providing a universal approach to mental health, we can create a school culture that values emotional well-being and supports students as they navigate the challenges of adolescence. 

The Jacqueline Angus Healthy Minds and Well-Being Programme is a transformative program, and having so many members of our community join us on Monday to share this moment with us and Senator David Angus and his and Jacquie’s family and friends meant the world to our student body and staff.

We would like to share with you a video from one of our Traf alumnae, Alex Hillcoat, Class of 2016. Her inspiring words and personal experience highlight the significance of our program and the positive impact it has on our community. You can read more about the Jacqueline Angus Healthy Minds and Well-Being Programme here. 

We are deeply grateful for the support of the Honourable W. David Angus in championing the Jacqueline Angus Healthy Minds and Well-Being Programme. His unwavering dedication to this cause is a testament to his leadership and commitment to the well-being of all.

Finally, we invite you to relive the special moments of this remarkable event by viewing our photo album

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