Because of You...
Giving Becomes Learning!

When you set a goal, dreams become reality

Everywhere you look, people are setting goals at Traf. This year's students have set personal goals for themselves… to be curious, open, collaborative, and compassionate… in addition to working hard at their studies and participating fully in all that Traf has to offer.

Our teachers’ goals include participating in more professional development opportunities to bring innovative programs and professional growth plans to each and every girl.

Access to a Trafalgar education is a goal set by the school’s founder, Donald Ross, and one that we are proud to continue through our Bursary Program, providing financial aid to 30% to our students.

We see the impact of our donors’ contributions every day. Please set your own goal to make an impactful gift and donate to Trafalgar School today!

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Our diverse school community challenges and inspires girls to embrace learning, be confident, and shape a better world.