Trafalgar alumna Maica Armata (Class of ’03) recently visited Trafalgar's Grade 11 AP/Global Perspectives class, where this year the anchoring theme is Crime and Punishment
Maica composed the soundtrack for the 2016 movie Dark Night: loosely based on the 2012 mass shooting that took place in a Colorado movie theatre that was screening Dark Knight Rises, the film follows the "tragically intertwined" narratives of a group of six disaffected characters.
As the class's teacher Rachel McCabe noted, “The aesthetic mood--created in large part by the music--is an integral part of the film.” Speaking to the class about her role in the project, Maica explained that the experience of joining the film team in interviews with survivors and with families of victims in the Colorado shooting, influenced her composing. Reviewers have remarked that the score is both “haunting and gorgeous,” contributing to a sense of looming danger. Maica reflected on the fact that the film conveys the sadness, suffering and vulnerability of many people living in America, and the malaise of a modern society.
In addition to writing and playing music, Maica is now finishing her Master’s in Speech Pathology. She has fond memories of Trafalgar, as a “safe and supportive space that encouraged her to explore her interests.” She loved her experience as Fairley House Head, and still thinks proudly about winning the House Play competition. Amongst other things, that experience taught her that she likes to have creative control, a lesson that has stayed with her to this day. 

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