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List of 17 members.

  • Photo of Amy Allison

    Ms. Amy Allison 

    English, Social Studies, Ethics & Grade 7-8 Coordinator (Leadership and Wellness)
    514-935-2644 x231
  • Photo of Tobias Benitez

    Mr. Tobias Benitez 

  • Photo of Alicia Black

    Ms. Alicia Black 

    Director of Finance and Operations
    514-935-2644 x229
  • Photo of Michèle Bouffard

    Mme Michèle Bouffard 

    Teacher, and International Travel Coordinator
    514-935-2644 x231
  • Photo of Annie Brown

    Ms. Annie Brown 

    Department Head, Teacher, and Leadership Coordinator
    514-935-2644 x244
  • Photo of Kim Cavener

    Mrs. Kim Cavener 

    Advancement Director
    514-935-2644 x237
  • Photo of Virginia Champoux

    Ms. Virginia Champoux 

    Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Photo of Marina Erfle

    Mrs. Marina Erfle 

    Physical Education & Health Teacher
    514-935-2644 x223
  • Photo of Marah Even

    Ms. Marah Even 

  • Photo of Libby Fainsilber

    Ms. Libby Fainsilber 

    English & Social Studies Teacher
    514-935-2644 x244
  • Photo of Patrizia Fanzone

    Mme Patrizia Fanzone 

    Spanish, French, Department Head, International Student Support & Integrative Project
    514-935 2644 x233
  • Photo of Isabelle Gaulin

    Mme Isabelle Gaulin 

    French Teacher & French Culture Integration
    514-935-2644 x233
  • Photo of Stefanie Grant

    Mrs. Stefanie Grant 

    School Counsellor & Personal Development
    514-935-2644 x234
  • Photo of Sara Jameel

    Ms. Sara Jameel 

    IT Technician
    514-935-2644 x273
  • Photo of Andrea Knowles

    Mrs. Andrea Knowles 

    Accounting Clerk
    514 935 2644 ext 226
  • Photo of Regina Kwak

    Ms. Regina Kwak 

    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Lena Kwiatek

    Ms. Lena Kwiatek 

    Director of High School & Science Teacher
    514-935-2644 x272

List of 16 members.

  • Photo of Anna Landry

    Ms. Anna Landry 

    Database and Records Coordinator
    514-935-2644 x350
  • Photo of Mélanie Leblanc

    Mme Mélanie Leblanc 

    French & Language Support
    514-935-2644 x233
  • Photo of Lori Litvack

    Ms. Lori Litvack 

    Department Head, Teacher, and Advanced Placement (AP) Art
    514-935-2644 x231
  • Photo of Christianne Loupelle

    Ms. Christianne Loupelle 

    Department Head & STEAM Program Leader
    514-935-2644 x238
  • Photo of Rachel McCabe

    Ms. Rachel McCabe 

    Department Head, Chair of LIFT
    514-935-2644 x231
  • Photo of Victor Naveda

    Mr. Victor Naveda 

    Building Superintendant
  • Photo of Katherine Nikidis

    Ms. Katherine Nikidis 

    Head of School
    514-935-2644 x225
  • Photo of Sarah Pinchevsky

    Ms. Sarah Pinchevsky 

    CoLab Project Lead
  • Photo of Laura Quilty

    Ms. Laura Quilty 

    Science Teacher
    514-935-2644 x238
  • Photo of Jennifer Robinson

    Ms. Jennifer Robinson 

    Department Head, AP Program Development
    514-935-2644 x224
  • Photo of Adriana Ruffini

    Ms. Adriana Ruffini 

    Math Teacher
    514-935-2644 x224
  • Photo of Greg Scruton

    Mr. Greg Scruton 

    Computer Science Department Head, Math and Multimedia Teacher
    514-935-2644 x224
  • Photo of Paige Theng

    Ms. Paige Theng 

    Assistant to the Head of School
    514-935-2644 x225
  • Photo of Maria Violini

    Ms. Maria Violini 

    Drama, Sec I Visual Art
    514-935-2644 x231
  • Photo of Kanelli Vlahandreas

    Ms. Kanelli Vlahandreas 

  • Photo of Marsha Warmuth

    Ms. Marsha Warmuth 

    Associate Director of Admissions
    514-935-2644 x227

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