Healthy Minds

The Jacqueline Angus
Healthy Minds and Well-Being Programme

Trafalgar School for Girls is proud to announce the launch of The Jacqueline Angus Healthy Minds and Well-Being Programme, generously funded by the Honourable W. David Angus, a former Chair of our Board of Governors, in loving memory of his daughter, Jacqueline Angus, Class of 1983, a dearly remembered Traf alumna who championed the values and spirit we all cherish.


Our program is an integrated approach through which we guide students along their journey towards developing a healthy mind and overall wellbeing. It is a student-centered approach in which the whole child is surrounded and supported by the school: teachers, paraprofessional and support staff, their families and external partners including medical care, therapists and community organizations. The foundation of this program is built upon an inextricable partnership between academic and social-emotional support that leads to overall success and individual flourishing. In addition to the integrated approach with our external partners, the framework creates a tiered, systemic approach through which we follow our students' journey. It is a proactive and preventative process that aims to support all students within an inclusive model, by addressing mental health and learning challenges through early intervention. When implemented with fidelity, we utilize resources more efficiently targeting early intervention, alleviating the need for more costly and time-intensive secondary levels of support.
This model is cyclical and fluid, as students move through tiers of support depending on their changing needs. Strong, open communication between the school, the student, the parents and community partnerships are critical to the success of this program. While our approach is student-centered, the students are not passive recipients of support, but rather empowered advocates for their own health and wellbeing. They are givers, providing support to peers and family, sharing learned strategies, as developing leaders within their community.


An increasing need for a unified system of support requires strengthening the support systems around the student to include families, school faculty and community partnerships. The model builds upon the existing tiered support model for students to include the same structure for families, from proactive education and workshops to intensive support for those with children in crisis. Given their crucial role in educating and supporting students, teachers require tiered support based on their specific needs, levels of expertise, and needs of the students. Finally, this program aims to bridge the gaps between healthcare and mental health institutions and school professionals, to seamlessly integrate care between partners. Ultimately, by strengthening the surrounding support systems, The Jacqueline Angus Healthy Minds program will provide a more unified, collaborative, and robust support system for the child.


  • Tiered support model for staff and faculty in addressing the needs of the students in the classroom
  • Tiered support model for families reflecting the needs of their children
  • Empower families with an actionable framework of care, personalized resources, and the tools they need to support their children
  • Diverse partnerships with community organizations ranging from student education workshops to intensive care teams for students in crisis


  • Proactive Care: Mental Health First Aid for teachers, students and families
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • LGBTQ+ - Support for students who are struggling with Gender ID
  • Insight into Neurodiversity and identity

The Honourable W. David Angus

My personal commitment to support healthy minds and emotional well-being amongst adolescent females is one that will always have my full attention. I am delighted to support the launch of The Jacqueline Angus Healthy Minds and Well-Being Programme at Trafalgar School for Girls. My principal goal is to help Trafalgar be at the forefront of sustaining emotional stability and well-being amongst its students. This, in turn, will create an integrated model for developing and sustaining healthy minds and positive outlooks during this critical formative period of their life experience. I do this in loving memory of my dear daughter Jacqueline as she adored Traf and was very happy and focused whilst a student in this caring and creative learning environment. I am sure she would be very proud to know that Traf is today very much committed to the belief that students' healthy minds and emotional well-being are very key underlying elements of a positive and constructive educational experience.

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