Trafalgar Ross Foundation

Helping Trafalgar School and the Montreal Music Institute to Bloom

Established in 1982, The Trafalgar Ross Foundation exists to support the operation of Trafalgar School for Girls, helping the school to maintain the highest possible standards in its programs, facilities, and students, as well as to foster and assist the establishment of a music program for the advancement of music education in Montreal. This goal is accomplished by funding bursaries, scholarships and special grants. The monies used to do so comes from gifts, bequests, and investment income. The Directors of the Foundation are custodians of the funds, and, in certain instances, active fundraisers for the endowment.
The Trafalgar Ross Foundation created an investment policy in 2010. The School’s Board of Governors adopted a similar policy, ensuring alignment between the organizations. The Foundation Board makes sure that funds are invested wisely, bursary funds distributed appropriately, and that plans for raising new funds are sound. They are all valued and committed volunteers.

Foundation Board

Susan Stevenson, Chair
Micol Haimson ’92, Vice-Chair
Geoffrey Dowd, Secretary

Yves Auclair
Bruce Bolton
Nick Capanna
Pamela Crossen-Milz
Dean Proctor
Geoff Wagner
Katherine Nikidis, Head of Trafalgar School and co-Chair of the Advisory of the Montreal Music Institute

Trafalgar School for Girls

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