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    marketing photoshoot to create stock photos for the school year.
    candids will be taken at Forum.
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    CLUBSFEST (Attendance Mandatory)

    CLUBSFEST is during forum in the gym; all student leaders and teacher advisors will have a poster, table and info on their fall activity/club/committee/teams. Students will have the opportunity to go around and find out about all of their co-curricular options during forum.

    Summer Reading Challenge Logs Due

    Please make sure you give your summer reading challenge log, signed by a parent, to an ELA teacher by the end of forum!
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    Welcome Back Curriculum Evening

    This event is intended for parents to learn more about the people and programs that make Trafalgar special.

    The evening will begin with a short presentation by Ms. Nikidis, followed by brief introductions by our program coordinators and teachers. This will be followed by an informal cocktail organized by your Parent Community Network (PCN), where you can chat with each other and the faculty.
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    School Photos

    Students must wear their full uniform (no polo shirts) for their school photos. Junior and senior uniforms should be clean and unwrinkled and are listed below:

    Junior uniform: 
    • Clean, pressed short or long sleeve button-down blouse
    • Trafalgar kilt or pants
    • Trafalgar pullover sweater
    Senior uniform:
    • Clean, pressed short or long sleeve button-down blouse
    • Tie
    • Trafalgar kilt or pants
    • Clean and pressed Trafalgar blazer (adornments like pins on lapels removed)
    If students are missing any part of their formal uniform, they should stop by the uniform shop on Thursday to purchase their needed clothing.

    When taking school photos, students are encouraged not to wear glittery or shiny makeup, as it can result in an additional shine on the face in the printed photos. In addition, students wearing glasses may take their photos with their glasses; however, glass lenses can also produce an unwanted shine in the printed photos.
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    Students dress in house colours all day and have the opportunity to get house points at different booths during House Carnival at forum (after lunch) in the caf and garden!!!
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    Summer Reading Challenge PARTY!

    If you remembered to submit your reading log by Tuesday, Sept 6 then please join us in the library during lunchtime! Bring your lunch and we'll provide some desserts! Can't wait to see you there :)
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    Virgin Radio for GFTC at Traf!

    Virgin Radio’s morning show hosts – Vinny, Shannon and Zenga - along with the Girls for the Cure team at the St Mary's Foundation will be visiting Traf for a GFTC PEP RALLY in the gym from 12:30-12:45pm! 
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    $2 Free Pink Dress

    Wear Pink to encourage Girls for the Cure! $2 will be collected and all proceeds to go to Girls for the Cure.
    Pink shirt, pink pants, pink accessories! (Appropriate for school)

    GFTC Pizza Lunch Fundraiser

    Orders will be taken on the 19th, 20th and 21st of September for this day! No orders will be given on the day of.
    All funds will go towards Trafalgar's fundraising for Girls for the Cure.

    $5 for 1 slice of pizza, cotton candy and juice
    $7.50 for 2 slices of pizza, cotton candy and juice
    [Cash only]
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    Girls for the Cure

    There will be a special schedule for the day.
    More details forthcoming.
    Full student participation required.

    Mother Daughter Celebration

    After the Girls for the Cure Walk at 2:30 pm. Please note that while we encourage all students to bring a guest, whether it be a mother, aunt, grandmother, guardian, etc., students without a guest are still expected to attend and are welcome to join their teachers and friends.  There will be delicious food, pink mocktails, and a Cookie Bar.

    In the Garden.  Cafeteria in case of rain
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Trafalgar School for Girls

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Our diverse school community challenges and inspires girls to embrace learning, be confident, and shape a better world.