The Arts @ Trafalgar

Here at Trafalgar, the arts speaks for themselves.

Whether it's through our Drama, Music, or Visual Arts programs, students are given a safe space to grow their excitement, pride, and confidence both within and beyond - and sometimes on! - our school walls.

Not to mention our House Plays every spring - a memorable experience and beloved tradition that unites all Trafalgar students!
When we have students who love to create, we find opportunities for them to shine.
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Junior Play

Junior Play is for Sec I & II students and is an  extracurricular activity.

Senior students are the backstage crew for Junior Plays

Senior Play

Senior Play is an extracurricular activity for Sec III, IV & V students. 

Hair, make-up, sound, a lighting are all done by students!


Junior Band

All Secondary I and II students participate in instrumental music.

In Secondary I, students are introduced to wind instruments and are given the opportunity to try each of them before selecting the one they would like to learn.

Senior Band

At the senior level, music class becomes an option.

The three senior classes rehearse together once a week outside of class time, becoming a team that works hard, achieves a high standard, and has fun!
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June 2020

Band Trip

Every other year, the Senior Band travels to compete in both local and international music festivals.


In addition to the instrumental music courses offered at Trafalgar, there is also the Traf Choir, a co-curricular ensemble that meets twice a week.

All students are welcome to audition to become members of the choir!

Visual Arts

Cycle One

In Secondary I and II, students explore various styles of visual art, such as clay, found objects, soft sculpture, wire contours, and plaster masks.

Cycle Two

In Secondary III, IV, and V, students explore further art styles, including line, observation, gesture drawing, value, perspective, and colour.
As students advance to Secondary IV and V, they continue to explore 2D visual language with the addition of 3D art and introduction to new media. For example, students work on sculptures, the packing tape project, props for the Senior Play, and the transformation project.
In Secondary V, students can take an options class with an additional AP component to further develop on their skills, studies, and styles.

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